Fight Chix mission to empower women worldwide can best be seen in these testimonials. These are real women who have had real struggles in their lives and have overcome them. If you have a story to share with Fight Chix send it to info@fightchix.com Thank you for your support, and we will continue to unite and empower women to reach their dreams.

What Fight Chix means to me—- IT means giving women not only a voice but a presence in a male dominated sport and environment. It means showing the evolution that not only men but women can watch, compete, and or make MMA a hobby.  ITs a way of life for some and a outlet for others but in any circumstance it is empowering women across the world to go after their dreams and aspire to be whoever they want to be.
With that said, I am a very strong minded (although very stubborn) woman that will never stop striving to better myself, never stop dreaming and always embrace all opportunites given to me.
I am ready to take 2010 by storm and am very excited to see what Fight Chix brings to MMA.  I would like to see maybe a contest to send in a design for a fight chix shirt in which the winner gets either a trip to see a UFC event live and a chance to publish their shirt and get some profit from the sales of the shirt 🙂
Thanks Fight CHix,
Monica Hidalgo
Miami, Fl.


I just wanted to say That Fight chix is awesome! I have been training very hard in martial arts for about 2 years. Just coming off my amateur MMA fight with TUFF-N-UFF in Las Vegas, I got the call to Fight Kim Couture. I had 3 weeks to prepare for my debut. I can definitely say that wearing fight chix clothing reminded me that I can be a professional, strong, beautiful female fighter. I strive to live my life everyday with excellence, and integrity. As a professional female MMA fighter you definitely give all your blood, sweat and tears training and though we can look mean in the cage when we are ready to fight, I love the fact that I can wear fight chix and represent the feminine side as well. The true meaning of martial arts to me is to become the best that you can be in life. We all have something we fight for and you do not have to fight in a cage to honor the arts. The logo to me reminds me of the fighting spirit women have. We all go through struggles and have our ups and downs. No matter what our situation may be, we can celebrate out true inner beauty as strong women. I just want to encourage other women to continue to reach out to each other and support one another with their dreams. Whether it’s supporting the heart of competition or through life, if we stand together we will not break. I am blessed and honored that they are one of my sponsors and look forward to representing them in my future professional endeavors.

Kimberly Rose, Fight Chix Fighter


I think it is such an important label with such an important meaning behind it. Mostly, because women need to be heard. It is so inspiring to me to see a brand (Fight Chix) with such strength in behind it. I am a women who believes in overcoming struggles. What doesnt kill you definitely makes you stronger. In my short 29 years of life I have dealt with and overcame much heartache and pain that would be hard for many to imagine. I am a perfect example that you must keep moving. I believe everything in life we go through is a lesson and for women it is so important to keep going and stay strong. We shouldn’t have the choice to give up.

When I was nineteen years old I had to watch the strongest person in my life battle cancer, my mom. As she raised me and my brother alone while working and going to medical school she never complained or even appeared to be tired or frustrated.  To have to watch someone like that, so strong become so weak in what seemed like overnight, is devastating. In the end, again, she never quit fighting and she beat the cancer.

Shortly after that I had a child myself and the perfect man by my side. We were engaged and happy. At the age of 23 me and my son woke up to find the very perfect man in our lives had died suddenly right in our very bed. This was another battle I had to endure now, raising a baby alone. Through time and strength a learned how to continue on my lifes journey with yet another piece of me left behind with him. Fortunately I had like always, my brother and mom by my side.

Just as things we getting to be normal I got a phone call. This was my most unimaginable fear come to life. My brother at 27 years was struck by a train and died. He was my favorite, my first friend I had when I took my first breath in life and opened my eyes for the very first time. I cannot imagine a time in my life that he was not there. This was truly the hardest obstacle to overcome so far. After all, how much can one “girl” take? To shorten my story that is RARELY shared. I truly believe and think that anyone can overcome anything. Its true that the pain never truly subsides but this is a perfect example that there is never an easy path. It is so important that we get up each and every time we are knocked down.

Til this day I am still fighting and always will be. Fortunately I have found someone in my life who can make me and my son smile. It is also important to take the time out to laugh and really appreciate the simple things in life.

Fight Chix is so inspiring to me to know that I am not the only one fighting. I hope you continue to spread the meaning of this label around the world so that together all women can be empowered!!!!!


I can say that my experience with Fight Chix and the staff has been a wonderful one. The generosity that has been shown to the women on my team is next to nothing less than awesome. Fight Chix has always been a supporter of any endeavor I did and still continue to show the love and support of our sport. Elisabeth has not only been a great friend but an inspiration. I decided to do an expo, and not only did Fight Chix help with my expo they also showed me love and support for me and my staff and helped me along the way. I was more than proud to represent Fight Chix at my show, and it also helped me through those rough couple of days..all I had to do was look at my shirt and jacket and it reminded me why I was still in this sport of MMA. It is not only empowering, great products, but the people who stand behind Fight Chix are ones of the best in this business…For that I will be eternally grateful to them. I love you guys and gals, keep up the great work and empowering women in our sport whether they are a fighter, manager, or promoter you can always count on Fight Chix to deliver in style.

Dallas Cordts
Team Apocolypse Inc.




I found the Fight Chix line of clothing while I was home on leave before I shipped out to Iraq. My sister and I both bought t-shirts to remind us of the fun we had before we split up again, she will leave for college before I get home. That t-shirt was the first thing I put in my bag when I was packing, it was also the first thing I pulled out and put on. Ive been proud to wear the Fight Chix logo here, not only because of what the shirt means to me but also because there aren’t many of us females out here and anything that we can do to empower ourselves in what seems like a boys club is great. Ive been asked numerous times what is Fight Chix and I respond its a company that supports women, not only women mma fighters but all women. I think the ideals of Fight Chix is catching on out here because am I seeing females that were basically being treated as second fiddles stand up for themselves prove that they can do as good a job as the males. We’re holding our own out here and thanks to women who represent Fight Chix and the brand itself we have begun to see that strong and sexy can work together. Thank you so much for allowing women around the world to believe. Im just starting out on Marine Corps Martial Art Program (MCMAP) and my Fight Chix tee is on under my uniform every night when I have to have a practice bout. So far, so good, so now its not only my favorite tee its my lucky one as well.

Thanks Again
HM3 Rachel Pederson
Al Taqqudaem Iraq


There are many ways to test the limits of your body. You can spend a lifetime keeping fit and staying healthy, but take it from me, you are never prepared for a doctor to tell you that you are carrying triplets. My mission was to stay healthy and pregnant as long as possible. Mission accomplished, and when all was said and done, my new mission was to get back in shape. I lost 43% of my body weight, and it was time for a hot, new wardrobe! Jake & Elisabeth had just the right gear for me! Fightchix saved me from slipping into the frump. Their stuff is hot, fitted, flattering… and no one messes with a lady willing to wear “I break hearts and faces.” Ha ha! Love it!
Debbie Rizzo
Producer, Rear Naked Choke Radio


This story doesn’t necessarily have to do with fight chix per say, but more to do with female mma. I began training about a year and a half ago after a devestating break-up from a horrible relationship. Never in a million years did I think that I would be that girl; the girl who stayed with a physically and mentally abusive man… I was stronger than that. But I did and it tore me apart. I just wanted to fix him, but he was too far gone mentally. I moved back from a promising career in Los Angeles to be with this man, gave up all my friends and focused my whole life on him. When it eventually ended (thankfully, no I realize) I was devestated and didn’t know where to turn; absolutely bottom of the barrel (couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, drinking heavily)… I am lucky to have a great family and friends that immediately were there for me. But it was fighting that ultimately brought me back. A friend suggested I begin training and I instantly fell in love. It got me on a healthier tract in life and built my confidence back up. I am now, a strong, confident, independent woman with an amazing future ahead. I have my first amateur mma fight in June and couldn’t be more excited and happy with how far I have come. I will most likely be wearing my Fight Chix shorts into battle. Fight Chix clothing represents the strong, confident, sexy woman I have become. Never again will fall victim or surrender to those circumstances again.

Yolo! (You only live once)



Great Business starts with Outstanding People! I had the privilege of meeting Jacob and Elisabeth informally at an MMA event, via friends in the industry. It was by that opportunity that I was able to learn about a completely kick ass concept of demonstrating the strength and beauty of women in the MMA world, with Rock’n clothing, completely attractive design, and not to mention, the beautiful people that model them for our viewing pleasure. Jake and Elisabeth have not only set the standard for representation of equality in the MMA community, but have exemplified quality business strategy through personal and long lasting relationships. Fight Chix Rocks and so do the many fighters, supporters, and friends of this company. I’m blessed with friends for life and the privilege to be associate with this Smok’n HOT Line of apparel! Keep up the Hard Work!



It started when I was 11 yrs. old.
I was abused by a family member and felt dirty and lost all self asteem.
I started on a lonely journey. By the time I was 16, I was never coming out of the house, missing school, and trying to find a relationship with someone that could make me feel pretty again, someone that couldn’t hurt me.

One boyfriend after another pulled the same tricks. ” You are so beautiful, you shouldn’t be hiding yourself from the world”. It was all a game to them. Build me up and tear me down.

Now I have overcome my battles with abuse. I wear the fightchix clothing pretty much every day. As wierd as this may sound, when I wear these clothes, I feel like I am in control. It’s ok for me to be sexy and confident in who I am.
When I walk into a room wearing the fightchix name, I feel like I can represent myself as a beautiful woman who is NOT afraid to say what I want to the people who try and bring me down.

I don’t know. It may sound kida silly, but I love Fightchix and the way they make me feel. Confident, sexy, beautiful inside and out, and I can finally be myself!



Before there was Fight Chix there was just clothing. Nothing more than just clothing. A cute little design or saying on a shirt that male designers thought women would enjoy. Fight Chix changed that cute little design and saying and turned it into a worldwide trend that sends a positive message to females all across the globe. Their clothing not only looks and feels amazing on, but it brings out that confidence in me that I didn’t have with all the other clothing brands out there. Fight Chix makes me the fighter that every woman should be. I love Fight Chix!!!!!!

Susan McConaughy


My fiance is on a fight team here in our hometown which got me really into the MMA world. We attend fights all over and have watched every UFC fight at least 20 times. I always thought that I would forever be the fighters girlfriend and was forcing myself to be content with that until I came upon Fight Chix. You’re gear and your female fighters have inspired me so much! Now instead of standing behind my man and supporting him I am standing beside him. I have joined a fight team and have begun training and LOVING IT! I feel stronger physically, emotionally, and mentally. My fiance loves it and I only have your company to thank. I’ve watched videos and saw pictures of all your female fighters and it made me want to acheive that goal. My debut fight is scheduled for June 11 ( a month after my 21st birthday…yay me!)And I am super excited! I can’t wait to show all that I’ve learned and hopefully get my arm raised in the end! Thank you so much for being a positive influence for me and for so many others. Love you guys!



i think that your group shows that women can be beautiful, smart and strong all at the same time. also the respect that you show each other. is why i would rather watch you then the men. Your friend always.



Fight Chix has changed my life a lot in the past 3 years. I was in an abusive relationship and wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do. I was scared to leave or tell anybody. Well I loved UFC and MMA, and heard about Fight Chix through a friend of mine. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I started watching and following there events and what the they did. Fight Chix inspired me to stand up for myself. It made me realize that I could do it and there are others always supporting you. It really helped me become a stronger person. When I put on a Fight Chix shirt I feel the empowerment, courage, and confidence that they work to instilled in every women.


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