Adapt7 evolve or die

Adapt7 is a concept and lifestyle philosophy that believes in order to reach our full potential we must continue to put ourselves in uncomfortable situations because resistance yields adaptation. We make our greatest progress when we have to overcome a challenge. In an effort to reach our highest potential as people, we should want to get smarter, stronger, faster, more efficient, more mindful, thoughtful, spiritual, more evolved. The way we do that is by adapting to the situations that force us to grow.

Why the number 7? The Number 7 resonates with vibrations and energies of the Collective Consciousness. Seven is the number of completeness and perfection in both physical and spiritual senses. It also relates to the attributes of mental analysis, genius and refinement. There is a sense that none of this is attainable, and so constant pursuit is needed to continue growth.

Adapt7 the brand, is an exploration in creativity and growth. It will encompass physical, mental and spiritual growth and balance. Understanding the darkness in the world, and how to be the light. A realization that things that are hard, make us better. The pursuit of daily improvement of both us as individuals but also how we can be a help to those around us. Its a journey that never ends. The path can take many forms. Meditation, Art, Jiu-jitsu, and so on. The paths are many and the journey never ends, but that is where the beauty lies. In even the most difficult situation there can be a moment of growth. Addition by subtraction. To evolve or die. Adapt7.

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