Wonder Woman, UFC Fighter Katlyn Chookagian

Fight Chix is proud to welcome Katlyn Chookagian to the team! She will be competing at UFC 210 and is affectionately nicknamed Blonde Fighter. Check out her interview and be sure to support her with the purchase of her signature shirt.


– When did you start training in martial arts?
I started Karate when I was 4 years old then in high school I started competing in boxing and kick boxing, bjj in college, then finally after that I put it all together.

– What led you to martial arts and ultimately, to want to test yourself in the cage?
My older brother was really into karate and I always wanted to follow what he did so thats how I first got started in martial arts. From there it has always been a part of my life and competing in all different styles and eventually I just fell into mma.
– How has training changed your life both physically, mentally, or spiritually?
I can’t really say training has changed my life because it has always been the biggest part of my life since i was 4. I would say training defines me as a person because I am and will always be a martial artist. Even when I’m retired and even way older I will always train bjj or some type of martial arts until I physically can’t walk anymore.

– Can you share a story where you had an unexpected challenge or tragedy in life, and how you overcame it?
I have been very lucky in my life to not have faced any serious tragedies and no major challenges that are not typical for most people. I think a lot of it is my positive mentality. I try to always stay happy and positive and surround myself with that same type of energy which helps to curb chaos.
– Where do you currently train and who are your coaches?
I train all over New Jersey and New York but mainly at Ricardo Almedias BJJ and Nick Catone MMA. My head coaches are Mark Henry and James Meals. I also work with Terrific Gist for boxing and Kyle Cerminara for wrestling.
– Can you take us through a typical week? Its always fun to hear how athletes juggle work, school, kids and more and still find time to train!
My training schedule is insane! I drive all over New Jersey, NYC, and Long Island to get the best training I can. I go from 2-3 different gyms, 5 days a week then one on Saturday, and rest Sunday. I’m always in my car driving.
– Who inspires you or who do you look up to?
In fighting, I look up to Frankie Edgar – he’s kind of the captain of our team in NJ. Between his work ethic, humbleness and mental toughness, he is what I aspire to be as a fighter. In life, I look up to my mother, and I hope that one day I can be at least half as good of a wife, mother, and woman as she is.
– Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years, both in martial arts and in life?
In the next 5 years i see myself as a UFC champion getting ready to move on to the next chapter of my life in business and relationships. No matter where I will be I will always be training martial arts.

– Food: ice cream
– Movie/TV Show: Shameless
– Podcast: Joe Rogan Experience
– Band/Song: Kings of Leon, Justin Bieber, Future (I’m all over the place)
– Relaxing activity: going to the beach
– Book: Relentless by Tim Grover
– How did you discover the Fight Chix brand, what does it mean to you and what is your favorite item on the site? When I was still in high school I got the “I Break Hearts and Faces” t-shirt and pink/camo board shorts. I loved it because there was never any cute women apparel out for martial arts. I think it is awesome to be teamed up with such an awesome company that supports bad ass women in the sports especially since its one that I’ve had a connection with for almost 10 years! I love everything especially all the Tomoe Gozen shirts and the “lover” “fighter shirts”!

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