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There is nothing more important to becoming a quality martial artist than sharpening your jiu jitsu “weapons”. We all start our journey with a simple piece of steel. Its blunt, its unrefined, it couldnt really hurt a fly even unless you really smack it hard with it. And we arent given a grinder, sandpaper, or the instruction on how to really turn it into a beautiful sharp sword. The first day we may be lucky to get a nail file and a basic clue of what we want this to look like.

As we continue our path, we add tools to our arsenal. For some people this takes years upon years to accomplish. They beat that thing aimlessly with a hammer and hope that someday it will turn itself into something of quality.

Then there is a second approach. Seeking higher knowledge. We find the efficient ways to cut and form the metal into something that is beautiful and sharp. There are never any shortcuts, but we can learn efficiency and proper technique to make our work require less effort for a higher output in performance. Seeking knowledge from those who have been successful before us saves us time, energy and a lot of frustrations.

We are still required to grind and grind on that piece of metal until it slowly starts to take form and resemble something. We absolutely have to throw it in the fire, which in our world is black belts and brown belts, and we meticulously work and work on it until it slowly begins to take shape. You take it out of the fire, refine it, grind some more, beat on it some more, and throw it right back in the fire for more.

Through hours of hard work, we begin to understand the concepts and principals that we need to apply in order to make our work more efficient, and less suseptible to error. We figure out key details to save time and energy.
Slowly the puzzle pieces come together as we realize how to prepare ourselves mentally to make the work that was once diffucult and made you want to quit, into something that you love and are passionate about.

The thing about jiu jitsu is there are also arrows, machete’s and a whole array of other weapons that we must sharpen to be successful.

There has never been a successful athlete who accomplished great feats and learned how to create all these tools entirely alone. Behind every top level athlete is a team of specialists that know how to teach their specific principals and concepts to give their students.

Its also impossible for every single instuctor to really specialize in every single tool available to you in jiu jitsu.
Some specialize in points fighting. Others in the submission only scene. Others are amazing guard passers, but dont know much about the leg locks.

At AnalyzeMyBJJ, we offer specialists in almost every single form of jiu jitsu.
We have a few specialists who can sharpen your tools for MMA.
We have specialists in leg locks, who can really give you the breakdown of technique you need to be successful.
Whatever the need, we have the ability to help our customers take their game to the next level.

We offer low pricing, and full breakdowns. You can send in your match footage, and have us analyze what you did well, what to work on, what techniques you should consider adding or looking into. You will get insight on mental preperation and things our competitors do to succeed.

You can also send in a video troubleshooting with questions on specific techniques you may have problems with, and our specialists are more than happy to help with that as well.

The best part of our service is the diversity and the ability to find a coach that specializes in what you need to get your game to the next level.

We are also really focused on improving our jiu jitsu community.
We regularly sponsor fighters and martial artists that send in videos, and we are always looking to add to our team.
If you show support for our brand, we will definitely do our best to show you guys love and support right back!

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Stan Myaskovskiy
AnalyzeMyBJJ Founder
Check Mate Submission Only Founder
Keweenaw Jiu Jitsu Owner
10th Planet Purple Belt

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