The Path of the Spiritual Warrior

The Path of the Spiritual Warrior

By Elisabeth Nuesser
Hello my Fight Chix family,

This past weekend I went on a women’s yoga and meditation retreat. This has been something that I have been hoping to participate in for several years, and I finally jumped on an opportunity through Lifetime Fitness. I didn’t know what to expect, but my goals going into the retreat were about healing and self discovery. When I completed the weekend I was truly amazed with the relationships and transformation that occurred.

What made this experience so powerful wasn’t just the meditation and yoga, but also the ability of several women, from all walks of life, to open up, be vulnerable about their lives and speak the truth in an effort to improve and reach their potential. I met so many wonderful empowering women, that were all seeking to fill a void in their lives. There was a need to make a connection with like minded individuals and form a community of “soul sisters”.
I see a lot of parallels in the yoga community and mixed martial arts community. The industries are huge, but they feel very small and everyone seems to know about everyone else. I am very passionate about both and I can see how the yoga path and the martial arts path can both can lead to fulfillment, enlightenment, and peace. The yoga community obviously feels a bit more feminine while the MMA community leans more towards the masculine side. I feel very fortunate to be able to bring that feminine energy over to the MMA world via Fight Chix. It is truly a yin and yang of the spiritual warrior.
This weekend I learned to let go.
I learned that it is a choice to walk around with the weight of the world on your shoulders, just as it is a choice to take that weight and toss it off the side of a cliff! There are so many different ways to visualize the “letting go” that can provide a release from resentment, hurt, anger, grudges or whatever it is that might be holding you down. Stand on the top of that cliff and drop it! Walk away with clarity. You will feel refreshed and continue to be more resilient. You also gain this as a skill. Its almost a super power to be used when you need it. This new perspective offers a tool to handle stressful situations with calm and ease.
This weekend I united with my soul sisters.
Now more than ever we need to unite. We need to come together. We need to establish community. We need to see each other more. We need to talk to each other more (even if that means Facetime). And we need to meet up more in person. Community is about coming together to be stronger as a unit than we are as individuals. It is about personal growth for the greater good. At the root of community, is helping each other.
The path to a strong community if through communication. If you need help, ask for it. Be vocal. If you have a goal, share it. If you have a vision, inspire others. These are the seeds of movements that effect positive changes. This can happen on all kinds of levels. We have seen what national movements can do to unite people…and tear people apart. These movements can happen on the micro level, in our own families. Set a positive intention and unify around it. The key is to make it positive. We can only control our actions, so if we make them positive the potential is endless.
I am here to help. Reach out to me and I can use Fight Chix to help get your positive message out there to make that change and unify communities. Please continue to reach out to each out and strengthen existing communities.
 We released the Fight Chix design, “Spiritual Warrior” a few months ago. This design and the those words speak volumes to me on a personal level and as an woman right now. I think that these tops have been waiting to make their way onto the Goddess that will represent them properly. This makes sense to me because there are a lot of things going on right now within us and around us. Right now we are Spiritual Warriors, we are Soul Sisters, We are activating our OMGoddess Power and together as the Fight Chix that we are, we unite. We will come together, lock our arms and form those circles that will unify the communities that will be the force of positive change and love in the world.
Let go.


Be Here, Be One, Be All

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