Fight Chix Wonder Woman: Diana Christina


Hello Fight Chix fans, meet Diana Christina. Diana is a mom, a yoga instructor and if you need your daily dose of positive mindset, look no further. She grew up with Fight Chix CEO Elisabeth Nuesser. See how she has turned a layoff into an adventure in life and continues to grow as a woman.

What to learn more about yoga from Diana, reach her here

Please tell us about yourself?
What got you interested in yoga and why did you decide to work within this industry?
I have always been a very spiritual person. Even at a young age, anytime I would be in a house of worship or in a spiritual setting, I was moved in a very deep way (often brought to tears). I became interested in learning about different religions at a young age and naturally found my way to yoga (at 20 years old). I had a heart felt desire to connect with Source and found yoga to be my moving prayer. Yoga has been stabilizing, empowering, and nurturing to me all of my adult life. It is the most important thing I do.

It’s been so many years knowing each other, going back to high school..can you believe it? We both share in common being young mothers. Looking back, if you could do one thing differently during that time in your life..What would it be?
I can’t believe it! I feel so lucky to know you and have such an incredible female roll model to remind me anything really is possible. My one thing would be to recognize that my value ran much deeper than any superficial place I was deeming important at the time. That my body is my alter and that I could create any reality I dreamed of with a simple intention to do so.

You recently have started posting on your personal Facebook Page about this New and exciting venture: “Yoga for Infertility.” Can you tell us a little bit more about this and why this resonates so much with you?
I have learned that connecting with other women is a strength of mine. Coming from a dance background and growing up in Naperville I always felt this push to compete. What I have learned is I am the best Diana I can be when I surrender to the opportunity to learn from others experiences and that empathy is so much better than sympathy. There is no worse struggle for a woman than to want to conceive a child and not be able to. It is a pain, and sometimes a shame, that runs deep and requires a loving and healing environment to truly address. It is multi-faceted and yoga with its many tools is a perfect foundation and safe outlet for healing.


I love seeing your posts when you show your yoga poses and your progression pics of these poses.
What are some of your goals going into this year?
To not look backwards unless in appreciation. I appreciate my journey in the most humble and reverent sense. I don’t regret where I have been and I’m excited about what my future holds.

Could you give our readers some valuable piece of advice when starting out doing and teaching Yoga, Meditation, Spirituality..etc?
I attended a meditation retreat given by Deepak Chopra a few years ago with my mom. He is so wise and I really appreciated his description of meditation,
“Everyone thinks that the purpose of meditation is to handle stress, to tune out, to get away from it all. While that’s partially true, the real purpose of meditation is actually to tune in, not to get away from it all, to get in touch with it all.”
Meditation is actually the space between thoughts. Pretty simple when you think about it. We can start getting into that space for just a few moments a day using breath mantra or visualization. As we become more comfortable being still and in that space we can begin to lengthen the time we meditate. I would say anyone interested in yoga meditation or a spiritual practice should start small and build. We all begin somewhere, and the journey is the best part of the practice.

You have had to overcome some obstacles to get where you are today, some even more recently. Could you please share with us more about that side of your life?
I recently had a career change (out of the dental world) which for a moment in time was scary and paralyzing. I literally had no idea who I was for a minute in time. I realized the next morning I was still the same Diana, only liberated in a new way to pursue my true dharma. And then the excitement crept in. Fear can be so big sometimes.. I just work everyday to move past the fear.

What is your favorite Vegan meal to eat or cook?
Ha! Everything! I’m a total food nerd. I eat a lot! I like spicy so anything with jalapeños is a must.. and I love vegan chocolate cake.. you can do amazing things with pecans, coconut, cacao, and dates lol


Could you tell us what is your favorite yoga poses and why? Also, what meditation do you enjoy the most that you do before you start your practice?
My favorite pose is probably good old triangle with fish pose or half moon as a close second. Triangle has been there for me during every dark moment in my adult life. It reminds me that I always have this very moment and that I am safe. The other two are heart openers – self explanatory as I love to love.


What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned this far on your journey?
Love is truth. Love is all we really have.

Lastly, How did you hear about Fight Chix and what does the brand mean for you?
Fight Chix inspired me from its inception. Beth is so incredibly beautiful inside and out. Her ability to get out there and really embody beauty and strength while encouraging other women to do the same is what it’s all about. Watching an idea become such a huge success was exciting. But the best is watching how sexy and beautiful women feel wearing the clothes -with no shame in their sexuality or beauty. We shouldn’t be afraid to shine. We shouldn’t hide for fear of our own radiating light. Embody that beauty!

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