Fight Chix Wonder Woman: Montana Stewart


Montana Stewart is an up and coming strawweight mma fighter, that is currently fighting out Texas, on Team Takedown. She opens up to Fight Chix about what led her to MMA and how the journey has been so far.

When did you start training in martial arts? I started wrestling when I was 15. I placed at state and many national tournaments in high school. Although I missed a year because I had a few surgeries and became pregnant. After high school I competed in jiu-jitsu at age 18 then started training MMA with Steven Wright at about age 19. I’m 21 now and have had 9 professional fights.

What led you to martial arts and ultimately, to want to test yourself in the cage?
My dad always put me in sports as a kid and I was so competitive. I never knew about mixed martial arts as a kid or I would have definitely have been in it earlier.

How has training changed your life both physically, mentally, or spiritually?
Fighting changed my life in many ways I wake up with a goal to better myself every day and every thing I do helps me to accomplish a win. I have no desire to be lazy or go out and party because it doesn’t help me become what I want to be.

Can you share a story where you had an unexpected challenge or tragedy in life, and how you overcame it?
I’ve had a few challenges I always looked up to my sister when I was a child and we were very close. When she was a teenager she was battling depression and turned to drugs and the wrong crowd. As the younger sister I followed in her foot steps. She got into a horrible accident and I almost lost her and watched her battle and come back to be an amazing person and great role model.

Where do you currently train and who are your coaches?
I train at war room in Fort worth and at Genesis jiu-jitsu. My main coaches are Steven Wright and Mark Delarosa

Can you take us through a typical week? Its always fun to hear how athletes juggle work, school, kids and more and still find time to train!
Right now I am on break from college but typically I wake up at 7 am get my daughter off to school have class from 8 until 1230. Practice from 1 to 3, get my daughter from school. I do my homework and help Zaylyn with her homework. Then I go back to training from 6 to 9 my daughter either comes with me or she has wrestling practice 3 times a week that my dad takes her to.

Who inspires you or who do you look up to?
I look up to miesha tate as a fighter. My boyfriend mark delarosa also inspires me and pushes me every day.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years, both in martial arts and in life?
I see myself with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and a fighter in the top 10 in the UFC as well as continuing to push my daughter in the right direction.

Food: sushi and frozen yogurt
Movie/TV Show: Ferris Buelers Day Off. The Princess Bride.
Band/Song: J. Cole I’m not picky I like a lot of diversity.
Relaxing activity: bubble baths and wine
Book: Enders Game

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Facebook: montana stewart
Instagram: montanamarie211
Snap chat: montana2811
Twitter: montanamarie211

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