FightChixJake visits San Diego

Hey Fight Chix fans. I recently had the opportunity to take a little traincation in beautiful San Diego. One of my best friends recently moved to SD from Chicago. I have trained with Omar since I was 18 (turned 40 Oct 12th), and he is one of my oldest and dearest friends.

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I was pretty excited about this trip because through Fight Chix we have met and worked with a lot of athletes and many are from the San Diego area. The first gym I visited was the San Diego Combat Academy, owned by Liz Carmouche.(Grab her signature shirt here) It is also the home of Team Hurricane Awesome and 10th Planet Freaks. I jumped into the Freestyle Friday open mat and got to roll with some very technical and talents grapplers. I even got a round in with Joey Beltran who is preparing for a fight right now. Following some fun grappling I watched the pro fight team practice—rounds on rounds of work followed by some serious sprints. It was great to see my 10th Planet brother Boogey Martinez put the finishing touches on his final fight camp as well.

After the class the Manny introduced me to the California burrito. Manny is a former fighter turned coach who has been in the game since the Lion’s Den was the place to train! (for all you new to MMA, that is a long ass time)

After spending the morning and early afternoon at SDCA, I spent the late afternoon training at Dean Lister’s gym Victory MMA. Dean Lister is one of the best grapplers in the world, but he honestly wasn’t the reason I was going to that gym. A silent partner in the gym is a man named Jocko Willink. He is one of Dean’s main training partners, a jiujitsu black belt—oh yeah, and he was the Navy SEALs Commander during the battle of Ramadi. I learned about Jocko via Tim Ferris and Joe Rogan’s podcasts. I bought his book and started listening to him and Echo Charles when they started their own podcast. I hit them up on twitter to see if they would be in class and I was lucky enough to meet them and get a roll in with Echo, who has great lockdown defense and some pretty funny trash talk while rolling. Jocko himself was funny the way most cool guys in jiujitsu are but also very humble and took some time to chat with me and take a photo.


Great training all the way around and I’m looking forward to getting back out there on the mats!

The remainder of the trip was a mix of coffee, lazy little beach towns and a trip to LA for my first live EBI complete with Rose Gracie photo op. Truly a great trip!

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