Wonder Woman Cassidy Porter

We met Cassidy Porter through our photo contest we ran a few months back. Cassidy came in a strong second in the photo contest but we then learned her back story. She is from a small town in BC Canada who uses martial arts as an outlet but also as a way to inspire others to a better life. She leads by example and here is her story.
When did you get started in Martial Arts? Actually, a guy I used to date was really in to UFC, K1, Pride and all those types of fights. He caught wind of a new Dojo in town, Shogun Martial Arts, decided to check it out, and became hooked. One day, after my Ballet class, I went to go watch him at Kickboxing..I was intrigued! I watched a few more times, then I thought “I could do this! I can already kick high from ballet!” Soon I started training as well. I would go watch the boys fight at tournaments and cheer them on. Eventually I thought “Well I could do this too!”, and I started training to compete. I fell in love with the respect and discipline of Martial Arts, and the empowerment as a woman training and sparring alongside the men.
Who do you look up to in Martial Arts? I’ve always been a fan of Chuck Liddell and Gina Carano, both pioneers of the sport and amazing to watch fight. Of course I look up to my Sensei’s as well! Sheldon and Lee-Ann Lainchbury, another husband and wife duo, and both multiple degree Black Belts! I also have to mention my friends from here in Williams Lake, the McLellan brothers, Stuart and Roberto. Their dad literally trained them in Boxing out of the basement of their house and they have both gone on to become Canadian Boxing Champions! Amazing!..But then again Williams Lake is also where Carey Price (NHL Goaltender for the Montreal Canadiens) got his start in hockey, and is also hometown to Rick Hansen (Wheels in Motion Tour). It’s a small town, but big things can happen when you put your mind to it! In life, I look up to people who are kind, selfless, compassionate, empathetic..so basically I just described my mother Karen! Haha Yes, she is quite the Wonder Woman herself, always helping others. I also need to mention my Uncle Wally, who has been battling cancer the last couple of years. I am astounded by the courage and braveness he has to face, all the while keeping his quick-wit and sense of humour, and even continuing to work when he can. I admire anyone out there battling this awful disease..please keep fighting, you are not alone!
When not training, what do you enjoy doing? With worsening asthma and other health issues, training has unfortunately become less frequent for me. Other things I love to focus on though are writing lyrics and playing piano. I’m also always up for volunteering, fundraising, donating, and that kind of thing!
What is a typical week like for you? A typical week for me starts by heading to work in the morning. I’m a First Nations Classroom Support Worker at an elementary school, so I get to hang out and help kids all day, which I just love! I also help cook meals for the school’s lunch program that is for kids who do not have food that day. Most weekends are spent heading down to the Williams Lake River Valley Trail with my Dad Paul, Boyfriend Jordan, Step-daughter Chevii, and my rescue dogs for a nice outing in the beautiful scenic nature of the Cariboo.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years and in 15 years? In 5 years I see myself still in Williams Lake (I’m a lifer!)..still fundraising for various events, and enjoying time with family, and hopefully as health allows, I will be able to obtain my Black Belt! In 15 years, I see myself owning a nice little house on land with a family, and with as many rescue animals as I can legally own 🙂
What are your favorite foods? There’s a little family diner in town called “Dog ‘N’ Suds”, that has been here for decades! I’ve been going there with my dad since I was a little girl and ordering “Dog ‘N’ Suds Hash” with a side of their famous Coney Sauce..Yum!! My Step-dad Ken also makes homemade Chinese Food that is just to die for! Basically anything he cooks is my fave 🙂

Favorite Music?
Oh music! I have such an eclectic taste in songs..I literally love music from all genres. From Lynyrd Skynrd to Lana Del Ray, from Tom Petty to Tupac, from Korn to K-Flay, from Sarah Brightman to Schoolboy Q..if it makes me feel something, wanna work out harder or want to dance, it’s for me. I do have to say I have an especially soft-spot for hip-hop and my own friends music, Egon,  Young Catalyst and Busted Remedy!

Favorite Movies?
My Uncle, Robert .E. Moberg, actually wrote, produced and directed a film called “The Plateu” about a man who survives a plane crash, and his epic journey of survival, and the battles in his own mind, which won “Best Drama” at the Dreamspeakers Film Festival. He also created a breathtaking documentary, “Bighorns at the Junction”, about the decline of Bighorn Sheep, that has been nominated for multiple awards itself. It is so inspiring to watch these films knowing that a family member thought this all up in his head and actually brought it to life!

What would you say to people who might lack confidence, just starting?
Just remember that everyone starts out out of shape. They didn’t just get fit overnight…it takes work, time, dedication, patience. I encourage you to just go to one class, even go watch and observe like I did! You might see some people in crazy good shape that have been training for some time, and that can be intimidating, but remember these were probably the same guys puking spaghetti off the balcony when they first started! Haha. It’s literally about getting out there and just trying one class..then it’s not so scary..now you have your foot in the door. And trust me, if the Dojo is anything like Shogun Martial Arts, you will become part of this loving, unconditional family, and meet people who you will establish life-long bonds and deep friendships with. The empowerment, respect and confidence that martial arts can build is truly awe-inspiring, and well worth the initial first class jitters.
How did you hear about Fight Chix? After my first couple of tournaments I would keep thinking about these thousands of guys competing in all this awesome fight gear, literally too many brands to even name! I wanted to rock cool fight gear like the guys, but still wanted to look girly and feminine, but there was never anything like that in the stores. One day, back around 2008, I just started googling “fight clothes for women”, and then your website popped up! My jaw dropped..I was like “This is it!”, “It’s perfect!!”, and I had an online shopping cart full asap. That year was pretty easy for family and friends to buy me Christmas gifs 🙂 My favourite Fight Chix item has to be my black zip-up track style jacket with the big sparkling pink and black Fight Chix logo on the back! It is so eye-catching, pretty and bad-ass all at the same time. I felt pretty cool walking in to the next tournament wearing that!

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