3 must haves for any Fight Chix Fan

What to bring to your first UFC

So you are going to your first UFC and you want to look amazing. You have bought your tickets to Vegas. You have your fight tickets and you are ready for the days leading up to the fight. Here is how fight week goes:

Open Workouts
Fans will gather at a casino location to watch the co-main and main event fighters run through some pad work and grappling drills. They typically keep it light and break a sweat, but also play to the crowd and sign some autographs and take photos. This is where the ideal shirt is one that is subtle but says you know what you are talking about when it comes to the disciplines that make up mixed martial arts. Things like boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, jiu-jitsu and wrestling. You are not just some fan, you are an educated fan with a sense of style. So to open workouts you wear “Welcome to the Hurt Business” tank.












Weigh ins

Weigh ins happen the day before the fight around 4pm. Its the perfect event to get people pumped up for the fight and then go have a nice meal afterwards. The weigh ins are like an event unto themselves often times preceded by a Q&A with a well known fighter who is promoting an upcoming event. It is almost always in the arena where the fight is taking place (in vegas anyway) and typically its pretty cool in these arenas so you are going to want to dress comfortable and warm. Good thing Fight Chix has the perfect combo that can take you from weigh-ins to dinner without having to make a stop to the hotel room.
To stay warm we recommend either the Smoke Hoody or Sparkle Hoody. The Smoke hoody is soft and cozy while the Sparkly hoody is more sporty and offers a bit of shimmer.
This is the ideal outer layer to stay warm. Underneath go with the Sexy Strong Tank. It is a super sexy burnout tank with graphics front and back and should be a staple in any Fight Chix wardrobe just based on how versatile it is.  You can literally wear this to the gym, a fancy restaurant and to the club for an after party.




























Fight Night

On the night of the fight, you’ll want to again, dress pretty warm. The arena’s are typically pretty chilly, so layering is a must. Obviously you’d want to wear a Fight Chix tee or tank under your top layer and we have many to choose from. The top layer is key, especially in Vegas. You are going to have friends at the fight in different sections. You will for sure have friends watching on TV. You might want to stand out a bit in the crowd but not in an obnoxious way. The perfect choice is the Fight Chix track jacket. The original jacket is black with white graphics. Its form fitting and looks awesome with tights or jeans. If you want to stand out a little more, go with the Bling track jacket. The same comfort as the original, but with some serious sparkle on the back. The best part is, both can be worn to the after party!

Original Track Jacket Bling Track Jacket

Enjoy the fights!

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