Miesha Tate, No Respect


Miesha Tate is less than 48 hours removed from one of the most dramatic submission finishes in UFC history. She was potentially down on the score cards against Holly Holm going into the 5th round. She was advised to risk the KO and go all out to get the finish. In dramatic fashion she managed to secure a takedown, latch onto the Holly’s back “like a pit bull on a bone” and sink a rear naked choke.

Both Holly and Miesha showed the class and sportsmanship of champions with mutual adoration and respect post fight.

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I did notice that Dana White seemed almost annoyed putting the belt on Miesha, and quickly exited the octagon. In the post fight show he talked about how Miesha was such a bad match up for Holly. He said he “didn’t want to be that guy” but it sounded like he advised Holly to basically sit out and wait for Ronda to recover and take the rematch. I’m sure from the UFC point of view, that is the money fight. Ronda didn’t seem to want to come back for that fight any time soon. She avoided the media. She had PR people tell interviewers she would walk out of a Q&A if fighting was mentioned. She had movies to film. She pushed back her return to Oct or Nov.

Then Miesha Tate became the UFC Bantamweight World Champion.

Miesha Tate in Houston signing at the Fight Chix booth

Miesha Tate in Houston signing at the Fight Chix booth

Ronda’s response was “well time to get back to work”

I appreciate everything that Ronda has done to shine a spot light on women in MMA and the sport in general, but as someone who views this as a sport and not a business, I want it to be more pure and based on merit. How can you come off a loss, and get a title shot? They didn’t give one to TJ Dillashaw after losing a razor thin split decision to Dominick Cruz. Why? Because the money fight is Cruz vs Faber. They didn’t have Connor McGregor fight Frankie Edgar at 145lbs. Why? Because the money fight is light weight title or whom ever Connor deemed worthy until the Stockton Slap forced him back to 145lbs to defend his crown—and still, we don’t get a locked in Frankie Edgar who is the #1 contender.

Miesha Tate is a pioneer in WMMA. She has busted her ass to get to the top of Strikeforce. She ran into Rousey and it created that rivalry that made both women more popular. They coached opposite each other on TUF and Rousey beat her once in the UFC, which is what most fans who follow the sport will remember. Then Miesha battled anyone the UFC put in front of her and won. She was promised a title shot after her victory in Chicago, only to have it ripped away via a Ronda’s appearance on Good Morning America. A title shot she earned through victory after victory.

Now Miesha Tate is the UFC Champion. Yet it seems the UFC is only interested in catering to Ronda. Ronda lost in brutal fashion to Holly Holm. The fight wasn’t even close. Why not have her fight Holm or another top contender to earn a shot at the title? I’m sure if Ronda is interested in getting back in the cage she would be fine taking on Amanda Nunes or Jessica Pena. What if the champion doesn’t want to wait around until November to fight? Is Miesha to be sidelined because Ronda is still calling the shots? Come on UFC!?

There is just no respect for the champions that earn there way in the UFC. There only seems to be respect for the fighters that fall in Dana’s good graces. This is why the UFC falls somewhere between sport and spectacle. Don’t bother having rankings if you only make the marketable fights. Don’t promise people title shots. OR do what makes logical sense to see who the best fighters in the world really are. Make the best fight the best when it comes to title shots. Stop giving title shots to fighters coming off a loss. And if someone loses a close split decision, then do a rematch for that fight—not giving out title shots to people who have the best twitter beef.

Mind you, this is all just my opinion, as a purest of the sport. I’m not in the position of making money for the UFC, but they have smart marketing and story tellers that can generated interest in almost any fight. Keep the integrity of the sport in tact, and start respecting people like Miesha Tate, who earned her spot with hard work and wins.


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