Fight Chix Holiday Gift Guide

Fight Chix wants to spread some love and cheer and inform you of some great companies outside of Fight Chix to round out your shopping experience. To start things off though, we will tell you about the Fight Chix sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.



Fight Chix

We have limited stock on items and hope you grab everything you are looking for early. Items like the original track jacket will sell out. We have some amazing new tank tops that are perfect for the gym and all those New Years resolutions. Our collection of performance gear is ideal for functional fitness like crossfit, yoga or jiujitsu. And don’t forget all the awesome T-shirts! We also have some great men’s super soft shirts as well.

Get over to our Holiday Gift guide and save 30% with code BLACKFRIDAY

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10th Planet Chicago

If you live in the Chicago area or are visiting, you can’t go wrong by coming to train at 10th Planet Chicago. Josh Passini is the head instructor with an MMA, Crossfit and wrestling background his inspiring coaching style will take your grappling game to the next level. Gain confidence, lose weight, increase functional strength, and learn self defense. Come in and try a free class and visit 10th Planet Chicago today!


C2O Coconut Water

Not all coconut waters are created equal. C2O® has taken extra care to select & pack what we believe to be the best tasting coconut water in the world. Our 100% pure C2O is from young green coconuts from an especially fragrant & tasty variety that are unique to the inland soils of Thailand. These coconut are a fresh water varietal that yield a more delightful taste than the salty flavor that accompanies more commonly coastal coconuts.



Annica Float Club

If you have never tried sensory deprivation tanks it is time to take the plunge! Imagine an hour of complete relaxation, where you can unwind, meditate and just shut off all your senses. That is what the tank provides. If you are in the Chicago area, there is none better than Annica Float Club. When book your appointment and use the coupon code FIGHTCHIX for $49 you get a 60 Minute Floatation Therapy Sessions from Black Friday all the way through Cyber Monday!














Caveman Coffee

Caveman Coffee is not only a Single Origin/Single Estate Coffee, it is a Single Family Coffee. Their beans are grown, washed, dried, and roasted by one family. That’s right, a father and son team run the growing and drying in Colombia and the other two sons handle the small batch roasting. Save 10% on all purchases with code: FIGHTCHIX





Onnit Total Human Optimization

Onnit will have one of their biggest sales of the year. If you don’t find what you are looking for in our selection be sure to check out the Onnit site for supplements, foods and functional workout equipment.


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