Household Games That Get You Fit

By Fred Wimbley

I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Ronda Rousey, but I’m almost certain that if you were to ask her about the proper order of getting fit and competing in a sport, she’d say fitness comes first. In other words, you don’t play a sport to get in shape—you get in shape to play that sport. This goes not just for successful fighters, but for any athletes out there who want to perform at a high level. Sport can help to keep you fit, but in order to get to a competitive level, you have to have your own ways of getting in shape.

Naturally there are endless avenues to explore here. I’m not about to propose that one exercise method is better than another, because everyone has different preferences and different things to work on. But what I do know is that it can be hard for a lot of us to find the time to fit in regular exercise routines, even when fitness is a priority in life. So in this post I want to highlight two forms of household games that can help you to regularly attack basic, simple exercises on a daily basis.

Exercise Bingo Cards

Bingo has a lot of different associations. To many, it seems like a game that’s primarily played by elderly folks, and to be sure there’s a certain “old lady” association that often accompanies the game. To others, it’s a group or community experience to be enjoyed with friends, perhaps at a casino in Vegas or in the auditorium on a cruise ship. And increasingly, it’s an activity that serves as a quick, stress-free form of online gaming that, where legal, can offer real-money gambling. Gala Bingo drives those sentiments home by describing the game as something to be enjoyed “from the comfort of your sofa.” It also offers a number of other arcade and slot machine experiences for bingo players to dig into as well.

But despite these associations, all of which ultimately amount to relaxed, enjoyable entertainment, bingo is also a pretty easy game to translate into a home fitness exercise, either by yourself or among friends. At Bingo Card Creator, there’s a featured board designed with fitness intent. That is to say, the squares on the card have been replaced with words for exercises and sports, ranging from “Judo” to “jumping” to “snowboarding.” Snowboarding is a bit of an odd choice since it can’t really be done on the spot, but the core concept is easy to twist into your own exercise routine, keeping the body guessing with random, in-home exercises.

FitDeck Exercise Playing Cards

If bingo is sometimes considered a little bit of a chill activity, card games aren’t far behind. Certainly they have clear associations with social activity, whether that means a family card game or an experience at a casino poker table. But as with bingo, a lot of card playing these days also takes place in online gaming environments. Also like bingo, however, a deck of cards can pretty easily be turned into a workout routine that you can practice in no time at home.

The simple way to go about it is to ascribe an exercise to each card in the deck and either draw randomly to challenge yourself or work out a specific game with friends. However, as fans of the entrepreneur showcase television show Shark Tank may have seen, one company has also pioneered cards designed specifically for workouts. Fit Deck has basically created a way to randomize in-home exercises by way of shuffling a deck of cards, which saves you the trouble of having to organize things yourself. And for an even simpler version, there’s an app for the same company’s product.

Again, whatever your specific athletic pursuit may be, it’s always vital to practice basic fitness so that you’re adequately prepared to excel in your area of interest. This is easier said than done, but with games like these, as gimmicky as they may seem, you can fit in your exercises a little bit more efficiently.

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