Catching Up with Roxy

Roxanne Modafferi has been in the MMA game a long time. She has spent much of her career teaching english in Japan and competing and training there as well. Women’s MMA exploded with Miesha Tate coaching against Ronda Rousey on The Ultimate Fighter, Roxy made the move back to the US, to compete on the show. She was one of the most beloved athletes on the series and after the show has remained in Las Vegas training and teaching at the world famous Syndicate MMA gym. While training at Syndicate under coach John Wood, Roxy’s has added lots of new skills and has had a career resurgence in Invicta Fighting Championship

Fight Chix has been a long time friend and sponsor of Roxy, and we got a chance to catch up and see how she is doing and preparing for her next fight on September 12 in Kansas City.

You have an upcoming fight in Invicta on September 12. Marinana Morais is making her debut and on a 5 fight win streak. I’m not sure about the level of competition she is facing, but we know your submission game is solid and your striking has exploded while training at Syndicate MMA in Las Vegas. How do you see this fight going and do you think your best advantage would be to keep it standing? (note: I heard my Brazilian friend pronounce the name “More-eye-sh”)

– I think this will be an exciting back-and-forth match.  She’s talented on the ground and tough on the feet. I’ll have to use all my skills and all aspects of my standing and ground game to win.  I’ll do what I can standing, and if I have to, take it to the ground when I have the opportunity, while watching out for her submissions.


How has your time off since your last fight been? What have you been working on?

-I’ve been working on everything!  I never slack off because I don’t have a fight coming up.  I’ve made improvements in my striking, and ground game, and a secret weapon I hope to employ in my fight. 🙂 You’ll see!

I saw you were recently at a Star Trek convention in Vegas, are you a fan of Next Generation, the classic series or the newer movies?

-I am a big fan of “The Next Generation” because I watched it with my parents growing up, and then re-runs when I became an adult.  I also watched Voyager with my mom in high school before I went away to college. I love the new movies, too.

Fans all love your creative weigh-in costumes, with the release of a new Star Wars movie, can we expect you to pull from the Jedi collection of costumes again?

-Nope. I’m going Mortal Kombat for this fight.  I haven’t actually played it in years….I gotta go find an arcade and refresh myself so I can pose properly.

Filthy Tom Lawler is a good friend of Fight Chix and has been training at Syndicate as well as teaching wrestling…do you have any good filthy stories for us?

-He is a fantastic teacher and his explanation style really fits with my learning style.  I’m so glad that he came to Syndicate.  The other day I did a private lesson with him just on chokes.  He let me choke him close to 50 times, poor guy.  I’m pulling his moves off in live sparring, though.  He always wears fancy pants, like Meerkatsu’s peacock design, or bright yellow shorts.  Very entertaining. I’m trying to transition with having more fun and putting on more of a show like for weigh-ins, and he’s into that, too. Oh, and he’s not really that filthy.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years both in mma and personally?

-I have no idea, honestly.  Hopefully making more money than I am now.


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