Fight Chix + Gracie Regionals

We owe a lot to the Gracie Family. They are the single most important family in the evolution of martial arts to where it is today. Lets put it this way, if it wasn’t for the Gracie Family, Dana White would still be teaching cardio kickboxing at a Las Vegas YMCA.

The Gracie’s invented Brazilian Jiujitsu. The original art was a self defense based effective art that allowed a smaller man to defeat a bigger stronger attaker. Over time jiujitsu has evolved into a point based sport, that has a lot of loop holes that have honestly made it boring to watch and watered down its effectiveness. Who wants to win a “fight” based on an advantage?

Enter Rose Gracie and the Gracie Nationals SUBMISSION ONLY tournaments.

We want to see FINISHES! What better measurement of effective technique than to get a tap. Rose Gracie is bringing her submission only tournament to Chicago at the FIT EXPO. Fight Chix is teaming up to get the word out and help encourage everyone to expand their game and learn more about themselves by entering into this exciting, finish focused, tournament style. Evolve your jiujitsu!

Adults and Kids Divisions AND Gi + NoGi


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