Empowered Woman: Maria Olivares


Meet Maria Olivares, a strong and loving Mom and Fiance who is taking risks and getting on the healthy path!


I’m a mother of a four year old boy and fiancé to a wonderful man.
Before our son was born we both enjoyed working out at an MMA gym, he did Jiu jitsu and I started Muay Thai. That in itself was already a challenge for me because I was not athletic at all and thought MMA was only for guys! There was maybe one or two other girls in class everyday but I never let that hold me back! I enjoyed every class and even wanted to compete in an amateur fight.

After I had my son our lives completely shifted! As a new mother I was consumed with concern for solely my family and neglected myself! The fact was that I was eating unhealthy, no longer doing Muay Thai, had zero energy and now weighed more then when I was pregnant! I was determined to get back to what made me feel strong and empowered! I went back to the same MMA gym I originally started at but this time I pushed myself for an even bigger challenge….I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu through Lotus Club. It was something that had always been intimidating to me and I felt as if that was something I could never ever see myself doing!
When I first started I wasn’t even able to fit into Gi pants! The first two or three classes I took I would go home questioning myself why the heck did I start this? What am I doing? And I felt like I looked so silly and stupid out on the mats because I was out of shape, not flexible at all and out of breath! I was surrounded by all these amazing athletes. Despite  any personal insecurities I had I knew that I was not going to quit and wanted to prove to myself that I could do this  no matter what.
I had to learn how to juggle my family life, my work life and Jiu jitsu! I train three days a week and also add in some boxing/strength and conditioning with a good friend of mine who is a pro WMMA fighter. She is also a huge supporter of me and when I am feeling lazy or down on myself she is always there to push me to do better!
Because of Muay Thai and Jiu jitsu I am surrounded by awesome people who are family.
When I started doing Jiu jitsu I had it in my heart to do a tournament but felt that Goal would not be completed till years down the line but I was wrong! I did my first tournament 6months into Jiu jitsu and took 3rd place. Now Im looking forward to my 2nd tournament! Although I still am working on weight loss I now have more confidence in all that I do. I have shown myself and my family how strong I am physically and mentally.  Jiu jitsu will always be a part of my life and I encourage other females that no matter how hard a challenge can seem the hardest ones are worth tackling because those are the ones that are the most rewarding!!

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