Great Pre and Post Holiday Workout!

The new year is around the corner, but no need to get a jump on attacking the holiday pounds! There is a great workout from the Onnit Academy that was posted near Thanksgiving. It takes less than 15mins, doesn’t require a lot of gear and is a metabolism booster that can combat all that home cooking and santa’s cookies! Check it out!

Tabata workouts can be any movement or exercise performed vigorously for 20 seconds with a 10 second rest. You will perform 8 total sets for a total of 4 minutes. Although 4 minutes seems short, you will be pushing your body to another level and each 20 second work set will feel much longer!

To help you keep track, there are a number of free timer apps for Apple or Android. Just make sure it includes intervals so you can set the timer for 20 seconds work: 10 seconds rest.

For a super time-constrained person, pick one tabata protocol and then go about your day. For an enhanced version, perform all three tabata workouts in succession with a one minute break between protocols. All told, we’re still only talking 15 minutes including rest between protocols.

Holiday Cookies Workout #1: Bodyweight Squats

Perform as many as you can in 20 seconds and then break for 10 seconds. Repeat for a total of 8 rounds. Write down your LOWEST number within a 20 second work window. You will aim to beat this number on future workouts.

For example, if your reps are: 16,16,16,14,14,13,12,10 then you will record the 10. If you really want to keep track of each set then have a pen handy and jot your numbers down between sets. Then use your total as your future benchmark.

*If you have any injuries, you can substitute pushups or pullups for the squats.

Holiday Cookies Workout #2: Kettlebell Swings

Perform as many swings as you can per 20 second window. You can use any variation of swing you want, I.E. Two-handed, alternating, single-handed, etc.

Holiday Cookies Workout #3: Double Slam with the Battle Ropes 

*Substitute side-to-side, uppercuts or mix them up if you so choose. Push as hard and as fast as you can for 20 seconds. Try to match the intensity on each successive work set.

Combat the Holiday Cookies Workout

A1: Bodyweight Squats – 8 rounds x 20 sec work/10 sec rest
B1: Kettlebell Swings – 8 rounds x 20 sec work/10 sec rest
C1: Battle Ropes Waves – 8 rounds x 20 sec work/10 sec rest

If you want to take your total human optimization to the next level, please visit Onnit! And expect some big things from Fight Chix in 2015 as we start carrying Onnit products!



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