Setting Goals are nothing with out ACTION


On the train to day I was listening to The Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson. The topic was overcome addiction, accomplishing any goal and how to reframe your thinking.

This is a new podcast I have started to listen to, and its fantastic blend of high level information and real world applications. There is never going to be a quick fix for all our wants, so we all need to still do the work, but this podcast gives some amazing insights on best practices to live more optimized, overcome obstacles, and fit in, healthy empowered living, into our crazy lives.

Reframe Your Mind

So the guest on the show was James Swanwick and he was talking about how he quit smoking. This is something lots of people struggle with, but this kind of thing is just an example. Maybe you struggle with giving into cravings like grabbing a cookie with your coffee in the afternoon like I do. Well we all set goals likeĀ  “not eat bad food” or “not smoke anymore”, but those all have negative connotations. How do we flip that to making a positive change. James did it by changing the “i’m not going to smoke” to “I’m only going to breath in fresh air” and guess what. That small re-framing of his thought process made it much easier to stop smoking.

Now imagine how we could apply that to food? Instead of me saying “I am not going to eat a cookie” I can start saying “I am only going to put earth grown foods into my body” I have heard this line of positive thinking applied by all kinds of champions with amazing results, and its so simple. Randy Couture once talked about how this effected the way heĀ  coached. He would only yell out positive things. He found when he yelled “Don’t get taken down” boom—that is in his fighters head, and he got taken down. When he was more specific like “Get the overhook” or “circle to your left” the wrestler or fighter being coached didn’t have that negative thought in his head, and he avoided a negative outcome.

Now apply that to parenting! All kids hate hearing “NO” or “don’t do that”. What if we all started doing more praising of our kids when they do, do good things. Or better yet, plant those positive seeds. “I love it when you empty the dish washer when I don’t have to tell you” And of course, notice it and praise it when it happens.

These are small details that help us achieve the overarching goals. We all talk about goals, but goals are just dreams without a plan of action to achieve them. So here is a simple and effective plan of action that I plan on taking in my own life, for personal, fitness, parenting and business goals.

The Plan to Achieve Your Goals

Write Goals Down
Don’t think about them, don’t type them, but physically write them down on paper

Write down the WHY and WHAT
Why do you want to achieve this? Is it better health, better kids, make a career change or personal growth? Be specific and have a deadline—you can’t have a goal that reads “I want to lose weight”. It is too general, but “I want to lose 40lbs by March 1, 2015” is very specific and actionable. This can be applied to anything. “I want to spend 10 minutes a day meditating with my family, at least 4 days a week” or “I want to spend 2 hours a week drawing” Then add the WHY! Do you want to lose weight because you have a fight coming up, you want to have better health, you want to be an inspiration to your kids? The WHY is very powerful tool to keep you focused on the WHAT. Consider the WHY, your inspiration!

Write down the HOW
So you want to lose weight, how are you going to do it? Set small achievable goals on a daily or weekly basis. I am going to get to the gym 3 times this week. I am going to eat breakfast every morning this week. I am going to go to bed by 10pm during the week. I am going to eat veggies with 3 meals today. When I go out with friends I am only going to drink water with lemon. Notice also, all these small goals are positive ones. I am not saying “I am going to not eat cookies” I’m saying ” I am going to eat fruits and veggies” There is a great app called LIFT (free on itunes) where you can keep yourself accountable with the goals you set, and check in, every time you reach a goal on a daily or weekly basis.

The last thing to remember is to take ACTION and expect obstacles, but KEEP MOVING FORWARD. This is the key ingredient that keeps us from achieving our goals. We have all heard the saying “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” this is all about continuing to move forward. Not everyone is a success in this world, but then you see some people who are and you look at them and think “they are not that much different than me” Guess what? They probably aren’t but they kept going and didn’t give up. Move outside of the comfort zone and expand it. Overcome the fear of failure or the fear of success. Go back to the WHY and find your inspiration of what that goal is.

I would love to hear stories of these steps in action, in your lives to share with other Fight Chix! If you have a story you would like to share, please message me on the contact page.

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