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Wonder Women are all around us. They are mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and girlfriends. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds. The one thing they have in common is they are just like you. They have adversity in their lives and that do what they need to do to overcome and reach their potential. Each day we have a chance to be inspired and a chance to inspire others through our thoughts, actions and by setting an example. Here is the story of Cindy Casady. She is overcoming adversity on a daily basis to be great and we at Fight Chix hope her story inspires you to be great too!

Interview by Elisabeth Nuesser

Everyone has a story behind us. Tell us about yourself Cindy and what is YOUR story?
I am 48 years old, married, mother, grandmother, employed, college student, and a member of Team Bombshell. Growing up I was a tomboy and loved to play sports. In high school I played volleyball and softball. My teen years are when it was brought to my attention that my body was not like the other girls. They were taller and had skinny legs. I was short and had thicker legs. It was not cool back then to have muscles. I started dealing with self esteem issues. These issues had followed me into my 20’s, 30’s and yes into my 40’s.

The combination of joining Team Bombshell and working on my college degree in Human Services has helped me rediscover my self esteem and to be proud of every step of my journey. I am honest, in person and on social media, about my struggles with lifestyle changes, injuries, and I even post selfies to keep it real. I also love to encourage others on their journey. No matter their size, goal, or dream I want people to be proud of who they are and where they are going.

No matter their size, goal, or dream I want people to be proud of who they are and where they are going.

It also has made me want to combine my college degree with fitness. My studies have taught me to look at the whole person and what is going on with their life. To get results we have to go beyond the surface issue and get to the root of the problem. I also believe the same holds true in helping people get healthy and fit.

What is Team Bombshell and how has it influenced your life?
Team Bombshell is best known as a professional competitive fitness training team. The team has women that compete in the NPC (amateur) and IFBB Pro divisions of fitness, figure, and bikini. They also have a program for women who want to get in shape and do it in a healthy way called Professionally Fit. Professionally Fit does not compete but if women decide they would like to compete they can switch over to Fitness Pro and compete. My goal is to switch to Fitness Pro and compete one day in figure. I have had a long journey with Bombshell due to unhealthy mindsets. I have spent so many years dieting that I had no clue how to eat for a lifestyle. I finally understand that diets have an end date and a lifestyle is a way to live. It has taken me a couple of years of working with Gennifer Strobo who is my coach and an IFBB Figure Pro, to understand food is not a coping tool for life stresses, hurts, or disappointments. Bombshell has taught me to be confident in the gym and train hard. It has also taught me to let go of the past.On days that I am struggling I remind myself of the Phoenix and my options. I can stay buried in the ashes of a life’s event or I rise from the ashes stronger than before. I choose to rise every day.

Walk us through your daily routine?
Monday through Friday I will get to the gym at 4 am for cardio. Then I have to be at work by 8 am and after work I will go back to the gym to lift. Once I am home I spend a couple of hours with my husband and then I began working on school work because I am in college. Saturday is hubby time and school work. Sunday’s is meal prep day for the coming week. I am using the next six months to make this my normal routine because this coming summer I will be adding my internship to my schedule.

Working out and being healthy seems to be a very important part of your life…what made you start and how do you stay motivated?
I started to have asthma like issues in my early 40’s. I never thought it could have been due to obesity because I was active. When I was 41 my husband was in Iraq and my Mom was battling breast cancer and my Dad had battled lung cancer. I looked for an escape from the stress I was feeling. I decided to do a sprint triathlon in Orlando, Florida. I hired a trainer to help me get in shape, bought a bike and began to swim. I did lose some weight which was exciting because I was not dieting. My goal for the sprint triathlon was to finish and not be last. I reached both of my goals that day and I weighed 216 pounds. My body struggled hard through the race but my mind was strong and pushed me through to the finish line. A month later I became ill with respiratory issues that lasted for four months. Because of the breathing issues I was put on asthma inhalers and was often put on prednisone off and on for the next two years.

My weight climbed even higher when we were in Seoul, South Korea. Because my respiratory issue had worsened the Army sent us back to the United States before our assignment was up. Returning to the States my weight had risen to an embarrassing 249.5. I felt ashamed and was depressed. I wanted to change my life and get healthy but I had no clue what it would take. I started with joining a gym and making myself go. I felt embarrassed because I saw people looking at me and I automatically believed it was negative. But as I continued to go I became stronger and lost a little weight. My next bold move was when I asked the founder of Team Bombshell, Shannon Dey, to help me and she said “of course Momma.” What keeps me motivated is my health. I was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome five years ago and recently diabetes. Like many people I did not take my diagnosis seriously. I thought if I changed a little I would be fine. Last month I was told I had crossed the line from pre diabetes to diabetes. I am on medicine and test daily. My health has my attention now. I have to change my eating 100% not 75% like I have done in the past. I personally do not like taking Metformin nor do I like sticking myself to check my glucose levels. My motivation is to have obesity, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes taken out of my health chart by the end of next year.

How did you hear about Fight Chix and what does our brand mean to you?
I first heard and visited a Fight Chix booth at the 2012 Orlando Europa. I have been seeing Fight Chix popping up in my social media and I had to check them out further. I loved the clothes but what got me to order from them was listed in About Us section. It gave the history of Fight Chix but the following statement touched me, “Today Fight Chix has transcended just mixed martial arts and has become a lifestyle brand for all women in the world that have overcome struggles to reach their potential.” Obesity and diabetes is my struggle to overcome. When I wear my pink Fight Chix tank into the gym I am ready to
go and I am ready to fight for my health.

If you won the lottery and you could pick only 1 charity to donate too…what charity would that be?
This is a hard question for me because my degree is in Human Services and there are so many populations in need. But the one charity I would choose would be the Salvation Army. They have a range of programs that can help many people in need. Next summer when I am doing my internship I hope it is with the Salvation Army and working with the homeless.


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