Onnit Product Review: Alpha Brain

Hey Fight Chix fans, Jake Nuesser here, co-owner of Fight Chix. I am going to be doing some reviews of items that I use on a daily basis to help improve my quality of life and live in a balance and optimized way. As you may or may not know I work as a designer full time in addition to doing all the creative work for Fight Chix. Elisabeth and I also have 2 kids ages 9 and 16, so to say our lives are consistently fast paced is an understatement.

I am a big fan of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and from there learned about Onnit and more details about Mike Dolce and their approach to health, quality of life and overall human optimization. I don’t always do it perfect, but I try and make good choices for me and my family on a daily basis.

Onnit’s flag ship product is Alpha Brain. Its essentially a supplement that helps your brain work better. Here is a short video breaking down the science behind it from Onnit founder Aubrey Marcus:

My experience with it has been awesome. When I need to be on my game I take 3 and I feel sharper, more focused and ideas and reaction time seem to be more effortless. Elisabeth can tell when I have taken my Alpha Brain when I start texting her ideas from the train. I’ll rattle off all these new ideas and her reply is “You took Alpha Brain this morning didn’t you” haha. This may not be super scientific, but I play Call of Duty from time to time…and the people online usually slaughter me. There are a lot of 15 year-olds that are legit snipers out there. Anyway—I took some Alpha Brain before playing online one day, and my reaction time was off the hook! I couldn’t miss. That “in the zone” feeling is never something I had in a video game, but it happened with Alpha Brain.

I would highly recommend trying it. And Onnit is so cool as a company, they give you a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t like the product. They even let you keep the product! Another Alpha Brain benefit is CRAZY DREAMS! Give it a shot!


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