Wonder Woman Kyra Batara

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Kyra, tell us a little bit about your martial arts journey. When did you start, who have you trained with and what drew you to train and compete in grappling and MMA?
I started training in 2008 at Team Quest in Portland, OR.  My first class was submission wrestling than I eventually transitioned into their Muay Thai, BJJ and MMA classes.  Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to train with Marcelo Garcia, Matt Lindland, Rafael Cordeiro, Tito Ortiz, Wanderlei Silva, Urijah Faber and the Team Alpha Male Crew, Eddie Bravo and my  10th Planet fam, Meisha Tate, Chael Sonnen, Joe Benavidez, and Javier Vasquez.  I love competition and testing myself on the mat to showcase what I learned.  Wrestling season really pushed me to love that feeling of getting your hand raised.
Take us through a typical week. I know you train a lot! What do you do in your spare time and how often are you training.
A typical week is fairly structured.  I mix up my training throughout the week with weights, cardio, wrestling, BJJ and MMA.  I train 6 days a week and take one day off to relax and unwind. I love experimenting in the kitchen creating new healthy recipes for all meals.  My other passion is painting and spending time with my pup Arianny.  She loves to swim and play hide and seek!

971379_441341019306958_150416906_nYou are preparing for a title fight on Aug 30th in TuffNuff—how is the camp going and what do you know about your opponent?
This is the best camp I’ve ever had.  I’ve been fortunate to have great coaches and training partners to help me prepare for this fight.  I found two great gyms since moving to Vegas, Cobra Kai and Green Valley Wrestling that immediately took me in like family.
My 10th Planet crew has also been very supportive throughout this camp.  Eddie Bravo and Scott Eptsein will be cornering me along with Sim Go.  I know my opponent from a recent grappling tournament.  She has a wrestling base and likes to tie up and throw knees.  I am not focusing on her strengths but am confident that I’m well prepared to be ready for anything that she throws at me
You are very active on social media and always seem to be super positive, and a pretty amazing big sister. I would go as far as saying you are turning into a very good role model for young adults—is that a role you would welcome?And what advice would you give to kids who may be looking up to you right now?
yes, that’s one thing that I strive for on a daily basis.  I love working with kids, and hope to be a positive role model and inspire others to strive to be their best and live a healthy lifestyle.
As far as advice for kids who may be looking up to me, I would encourage them to follow their passions, know that family comes first, always look to help others, and be prepared to face adversity, all in which will help build confidence and positive self esteem.
Color: Anything that has sparkles!
Movie:  Can’t Hardly Wait
TV Show:  It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Submission:  love those Darce chokes
Fighter: Cyborg
Inspiration: Joe Benavidez
Post Fight Meal:  Love me some sushi! Vegas or Dragon Rolls! Oh yeah, and peanut butter, definitely lots of peanut butter!
Women are really kicking ass in MMA right now! Invicta FC, UFC and The Ultimate Fighter all are featuring the ladies. What are your future goals for the sport?
I hope to turn pro by the end of 2013.  My dream is to fight for Invicta and eventually the UFCwhen they build an atom weight division.  As women’s MMA grows, I anticipate a 95 weight class coming to fruition, I’d love to fight at that weight.
Ronda or Miesha and why?
Meisha, I love how she never gave up and fought through that arm bar in her last fight with Ronda.
Name 3 people, past or present, that you’d like to have dinner with and why
Bruce Lee, Jo Koy, and Madonna.  All 3 have made it to the top of their careers with passion plus that’s a well rounded group for diverse conversation!
Fight Chix is thrilled to be a part of the rise of your career. We met you at the UFC fan Expo a few years back and have been amazed at your progress—-can you tell us what your favorite Fight Chix item is?
I love the Hot Chix shirt, because I love Marilyn Monroe, the fabric is super light and comfortable, and I really like the tight fitted style.
We know you have a huge support system as a fighter and other sponsors that are just as cool as us—anyone you’d like to plug? A big thank you to Nutrishop, Revgear, Bony Acai, Lana’s Egg Whites, Great Grubbin’, Valley Spine, A-1 Impressions, Apparel Obsession, Newaza Apparel, Dushons Salon, 10th Planet, Cobra Kai, and Green Valley Wrestling

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