Wonder Woman Wednesday, Fight Chix CEO Elisabeth Nuesser

Wonder Woman Wednesday Feature, Elisabeth Nuesser


Many of you know Elisabeth Nuesser as the CEO of Fight Chix. Some of you know her as a mother, a wife, a sister, a role model and an inspiration. But not everyone really knows who she is. Let’s take a peak into the life of Elisabeth and get to know her a bit more.

1. How did Fight Chix begin?

Fight Chix began in 2006….I remember waitressing that night and drinking WAY TOO much orange Monster energy drink, and getting home about 3am. It was my first night working at yet another bar trying to pay the bills…it was horrible. I was tired of being harassed and working my butt of to make that extra $1 tip. I came home woke Jake up and was really upset..I think the energy drink got to me because I remember being emotional and jittery.
I told him how my night went and I he was there to console me. We stayed up watching old re-run UFC fights in Spike TV because I couldn’t sleep yet.
As I watched all the fighters walk out to the cage…I noticed the women in the crowd, and the wives faces the camera switched too for brief seconds..I noticed all the blood splatters and skulls on the walkout shirts they were all wearing. It was then that epiphany that “Ah ha” moment transpired in my head. Why are there all these clothing lines for men but not for women? Why is every male dominated sport have something for men but women are into these sports too? I said to Jake right there and then..I love this sport but there’s no clothing for women! I don’t want to wear skulls and blood splatters I wonder if there’s anything for women that is fun, cute, and sexy for us. He said no..but maybe you should start your own clothing line then. I said yeah okay how am I going to do that? He challenged me and it was all over! lol We stayed up till almost 5am on a notepad coming up with sayings for shirts…one which STILL to this day is our #1 seller “I break hearts & faces” that night I came up with the name FIGHT CHIX and the concept…a few days later Jake as our designer made the logo…when he sent it to me I knew that was it! No revisions I just knew…then a website and so on…and BOOM 7 years later we are still here!
2. Many of us know about your passion for the hair and beauty industry. Aside from that industry and Fight Chix, what other industry would you consider pursuing?
 I do love the beauty industry and of course Fight Chix 😉
The only other industry that I’ve always been intrigued by that if I had the chance to explore   would be a detective. I’ve always loved mysteries and trying to figure things out. I think I would be great on CSI-lol.
3. Give us a breakdown on a typical day for you.
I get up everyday around 6:30/7am to make sure my daughter Justyne who is in the 8th grade gets up and out the door to catch her bus to school. Then I get my Jase who is in the 1st grade up and ready for school..make him breakfast and then drive him to school by 8am. I usually try to hit the gym right after, if not I head back home where I start checking my e-mails for the day and seeing who I need to get back to you. Usually it’s our printers making sure all our apparel is going good while in production and work on purchase orders to send them as well. I also handle all our sponsorships for our fighters, I work A Lot on social media throughout day promoting Fight Chix and getting the word/name out as best as I can. I also do hair out of my house so if I have hair clients during the day then I’m juggling between Fight Chix, doing hair, getting Jase by 2:30pm from school and then back to e-mails…etc. I handle all the business end of things so I’m constantly getting back to people all day long. It’s difficult at times and handling distribution but I do enjoy being my own boss!
4. Jacob Nuesser is both your husband and your partner in Fight Chix. What are the pro’s and con’s of working with your spouse?
Yes..not a lot of people still didn’t know Jake and I are married and partners in Fight Chix.
It has been a journey to say the least. He’s my husband, my best friend, and my business partner.
The pro’s I would say would be is that he is great at balancing me out when I have impulsive ideas with Fight Chix, he chills me out and is a great sounding board for any problems that arise while running the business. He is the designer and does an amazing job with all the Fight Chix items and our website. It’s nice to be able to hand things right over to him to get done and since we are both very creative people we work well together and have good harmony.
The con’s are he is very particular when it comes to certain things with Fight Chix so sometimes we don’t see eye to eye. If you have ever worked and expo with Jake you will know what I mean. 😉 (Jake is CAD) inside joke-lol. We all love him though. I think as a designer he is a perfectionist and holds expectations so when working together we do butt heads. We have a hard time NOT talking about Fight Chix all the time. We made a deal that we don’t talk about work on Sundays at all. It is a challenge sometimes being business partners and separating the two between marriage and work…but I can’t think of anyone else I would rather be doing this with.
5. You have been blessed with two wonderful children. Do you think they would ever follow in your footsteps with Fight Chix?
Yes! Justyne & Jase are really Amazing kids. I am biased..hahaha..but really if you haven’t  seen Justyne sign and Jase dance in videos then you are missing out!
I have wondered that from time to time how far I could or wanted to take Fight Chix that maybe one of them would keep leading it one day..but to be quite honest..I don’t know.
I think both my kids are so unique in their on way that they will find their own path. I do however feel that Justyne could walk in my foot steps in the beauty industry one day. Jase I think will be a brilliant Architect..he loves to build and design.
6. What song, what’s that ONE song that moves you?
Of course you would ask this question! 😉
I think there have been a lot of songs that have really moved me over the last 10 years…but as of recently in this past year there’s this one song that I heard for the first time in Orlando, FL when we were there for the Europa Expo on Sirius Radio. It’s called Titanium with Sia and David Guetta. I don’t know what it is about this song but it literally speaks to me. I hear it and  automatically feel invincible. I listen to it on repeat when working out it helps motivate me in every way. I sing/yell it in the car with the windows down with the kids, every time I listen this song I feel like I can conquer anything.
7. Where do you see Fight Chix going in the next year, 5 years, 10 years?
I see Fight Chix in the next year growing..women’s mma is growing..we are evolving and I know something big will happen. 5 years 10 years form now…I think if Fight Chix could get to a point and turn into having Fight Chix retail stores nationwide that would be really cool. I think I’ve said this before though…and I’ll say it here again too…Fight Chix is going to go where it wants to..it’s not just in the MMA market we are everywhere. We are a brand that is for women to empower to feel confident…to feel good about ourselves. Out logo speaks to people in a way I never knew would happen. In 10 years maybe women everywhere will wake up and pick Fight Chix out of their drawer because that’s the shirt that makes them feel and look their best. Now that’s a goal! 😉
8. Describe to us your perfect vacation.
Perfect vacation…Beach, Sun, and Done!
9. If you could have dinner with any person that has passed, who would it be? Where would you go? What would you eat?
I would have loved to have been able to met my late father-in-law George…Jake’s Dad.
All the things that I have heard about him over the past 8 years..the stories..the way his family’s facial expressions look when they talk about him makes me feel like he was the most Amazing man ever..which I know he was, but  I really wish I could have met him.
If I had the chance I would go Lalo’s in Oak Park, IL. and we would have Mexican food. That was the restaurant they always went too…so it I think it would a perfect setting!

10. Who are your inspirations both personally and professionally?

I’m inspired by my Father the most I think. He came here with almost nothing of the boat from Germany and made a life for himself and our family by starting his own plumbing business out of our house and took it to a point where are brother is now running it 35+ years later…that’s pretty impressive. I look up to him in so many ways. I admire my Mother as well she has a heart of gold and can forgive anyone without hesitation.

Professionally..I had always looked to “MASK” from TapouT as inspiration..watching him talk and speak in his interviews about believing and meaning it and doing it…it made push that much further and harder to aspire to be what he created but with Fight Chix. He was my pioneer to follow. He did pave the way. I also look at women like Marilyn Monroe and see how much of a legend they are now and think Wow…could Fight Chix have that effect on people one day..we sure could.

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