Wonder Woman, Natasha Wicks

Natasha Wicks was born in Las Vegas into a big family of 8. Her mother being very athletic and the outdoors type, Natasha immediately took a liking to that kind of lifestyle. She excelled in high school in track & field and earned herself a full-ride to Northern Arizona University, along with competing in cross country and achieving high grades in academics. After living in California and Hawaii, she went back to Las Vegas and got into the club scene where she danced, modeled and was a bunny at The Playboy Club. In 2009 she won the Maxim/UFC contest which propelled her into the spotlight even further. Six months after working with the UFC, she realized her passion was still running. She signed with RynoRunning.com as their first female runner, began training full-time and moved to San Jose. Still dancing, modeling and running, Natasha was approached by Shannon Knapp of Invicta FC and began working with that organization as a ring-card girl. Natasha has never been happier and I now present you with a little more of this Wonder Woman…
1. Who and or what got you interested in modeling?
I was always into performing, whether it be for my family,singing in the church plays, racing all the boys, being good at every activity I tried or pretending to be models with my sisters.. it was always an interest of mine, since I was young.
2. How was your experience as a ring card girl for the UFC?
My experience as a ring-card girl for UFC was an awesome experience, by far the best in my modeling career. The fans, the opportunities that followed and the front row seats where radical.
3. You were a well known runner in high school and college. What kind of workouts do you do now to keep in shape for modeling?
I still compete and train full time to race, so my work-out regimens are geared toward the competitive side of my life more then the modeling side. Fortunately for me, Invicta FC wants athletic ring girls, so I fit the mold. Plus, runners really do have the best bodies 😉
4. What kind of music do you listen to while you work out? What get’s you motivated?
Oh man! As far as music… I have over 14,000 songs on my ipod alone. To name a few: The Presets, Stateless, Rihanna, Oingo Boingo, Lykke Li, Phantagram, Tom Petty, Chevelle, The XX, Tokyo Police Club, The Shins, The Kooks, The Weekend, The Gorillaz, All Oldies, Bon Iver, RHCP, Paper Route, Celtic Woman, Nero, The White Buffalo, Helios… The list goes on forever.
5. UFC President Dana White is, “warming up,” to women’s MMA. This is mainly because of the popularity of Ronda Rousey and the three-round fight with Meisha Tate and Julie Kedzie in the recent Strikeforce fights. Where do you see WMMA going within Zuffa?
I think Dana is realizing it was a mistake to say Woman will never fight in UFC. Ronda and Meisha being the first woman to really catch the eye of MMA viewers and then now Invicta after its first 2 shows, pulling in unheard of viewer numbers ( trending #2 under Olympics on Twitter.) WMMA IS something the viewers, fighters, fans want and I think Dana can see that now.
6. What are your personal and professional goals long and short term goals? Modeling, family, etc.
My goals: As a runner, I am training and focusing on the next Olympic Trials, its a BIG goal, yes, but I never say I can’t do something. Trying is something I love. As a model/entertainer I will keep doing it all for as long as I can. I hope to get married and have children.. 4 would be nice. I would love to adopt too. So much love in this heart that the more the merrier! I want to live somewhere beautiful, either mountains or ocean, or both!
7. How and when did you first hear about Fight Chix?
 When I was with UFC. It was definitely the stand-out, geared for woman MMA clothing company with a very intriguing logo.
8. Who are your personal and professional inspirations?
My personal inspirations are those closest to me. My friends and family. They have been a part of my life since the beginning and have been through everything with me. The inner strength my mother and siblings posses is like no other person I know. Every one of them, positive, driven, loving and dreamers. I’ve never been more inspired by anyone else.
9. Prefontaine. What are your thoughts of him as a runner?
Prefontaine, a legend! He is responsible for changing distance running and a big part of the 1970’s Running Boom. Every runner knows who he is and every runner feels like Prefontaine when they win a race 😉 .. I think he set the standard and up until this years Olympic Trials, his 40 year old 5k record still stood in Oregon. A legend.
10. Aside from modeling, running, working out and generally staying in excellent shape, what are your hobbies? if you weren’t involved in modeling an running, what industry do you think you’d be in?
My hobbies, oh dear that is a long list. I love surfing, rock-climbing, art-painting, drawing(I was an art major in college), Sewing, cooking/baking, photography, nature watching, reading, long-boarding, snorkeling, horse-back riding, playing guitar, singing.. If I wasn’t a model or athlete I would definitely be either an artist, marine biologist or Physical Therapist.

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