Wonder Woman, Kyra Batara

If you haven’t heard of Kyra Batara, you will. She has taken to jujitsu like a fish to water and has been training with the likes of Team Quest, Meisha Tate, Eddie Bravo and Urijah Faber, just to name a few! And in case you are wondering, yes I am jealous! Lets get to know Kyra….
When did you first get involved with jujitsu and what drew you to the sport?
 In 2008 my Dad was training at Team Quest.  I tried several other sports like basketball, soccer, competitive cheer and dance, so he asked if I’d like to try out the submission grappling class.  I instantly felt like this sport was a natural fit for me and the environment at Team Quest was a great fit.  Since that first day of class I never looked back.
How long have you been training and competing and who is you main instructor?
I’ve been training Submission Wrestling and BJJ for 3 years, 2 years wrestling, and boxing for 1 year.  I took a year off recovering from surgery.  My main instructor for the majority of my training has been my Dad, but I currently train at a new gym, Flores Fitness, and I’m a member of their Elusive Fight Team.  My boxing coach is Pat Briceno and Sam Flores is my MMA/Strength/Conditioning coach.  I also claim 10th Planet as my Jiu-Jitsu gym, cross training throughout the year under Eddie Bravo.  My main wrestling coach is Bobo Umemoto from USA School of Wrestling in Portland.
Who have you gotten to train with and tell us all about the experience it has been training with some big names.  I’ve trained with all the Team Quest guys in Gresham; Matt Lindland, Ed Herman, Ian Loveland, Ryan Schultz, the Healey bros, Zac George, Dave Jansen, Fabiano Scherner, Matt Horwich, Robert Follis, and Enoch Wilson.  I’ve also trained with Marcelo Garcia, Rafael Cordeiro, Tito Ortiz, Meisha Tate, Team Alpha Male, Wanderlei Silva, and Eddie Bravo.

My best Jiu-Jitsu training has been with the 10th Planet crew with Eddie Bravo and Scott Epstein.  Rafael Cordeiro and all the coaches at King’s MMA for Muay Thai.  They structure their classes really well, linking techniques throughout each session.  For MMA, everyone at Team Alpha Male.  They have been really good to me, taking me in and putting me through some really tough training sessions.  Joe Benavidez and Dustin Akbari really have taken me under their wings and are so supportive with my MMA goals.
Who would you like to train with in the future?  I’d love the opportunity to train with Anderson Silva, the Diaz brothers, Freddie Roach, Manny Pacquiao, Clarissa Chun and Sarah McMann from Invicta.
What are some of your biggest accomplishments so far in your career—lets go down the line!
 BJJ and Submission Wrestling Accomplishments
  •  2012 UFC Grapplers Quest Champion, Absolute Women’s Division
  •  2012 Gracie Nationals, 2nd Place, Absolute Division
  •  2011 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion No-Gi (Teens)
  •  2011Gracie Worlds Champion No-Gi
  •  2010 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion No-Gi (Teens)
 Wrestling Accomplishments (112lbs)
  • 2012 Rocky Mountain Nationals Champion , Collegiate and Freestyle
  • 2012 Women’s Best Two State Champion, Oregon and Washington
  • 2012 WIAA State Championships, 2nd Place
  • 2012 Women’s West Coast Championships, 1st Place
  • Most consecutive wins and highest State placer in Mt. View High School history


What do you think of Invicta and do you think down the line you would like to compete in that promotion?
Invicta is exactly what women’s MMA needed to promote and recognize females as true competitors in a predominantly men’s sport.  They took a business approach to showcase the best women in MMA in a full card fight format.  Streaming the Invicta II fight card was an amazing reality of how technical and exciting women’s MMA is becoming.  I definitely have my eyes set on paving a career to compete in Invicta.
When you aren’t training, what do you like to do for fun?  Outside of the gym, I really have a passion for art.  I love painting, drawing and air brushing.  I love being creative, so I’ve also taken on interests in cake decorating, make-up and hair, reading and writing poetry.  Aside from my hobbies, I really enjoy spending time with my family, especially hanging out with my younger sister Sienna and lil’ bro Dominic.
Who are your inspirations and role models?  Fighter wise, I’d have to say Anderson Silva.  He’s a pioneer of the sport and by far the best pound for pound fighter in the world.  Seeing how he constantly evolves his fight game is amazing.  His confidence and willingness to still learn and not stay complacent where he’s at is a testament to his goal to always strive and give his best performance.  He’s a true martial artist and role model for any MMA fighter to emulate.  My other role model is my little brother Dominic.  He’s only 9 years old, but he has accomplished so much in just 4 years with wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, traditional martial arts and boxing.  My younger sister also inspires me to be a role model for not only her but also for all younger girls to set goals and strive to achieve them.
There are going to be girls all over that look up to you because of you success and work ethic, what advice do you have for them? 
Always strive to be mentally tough and believe in yourself.  There will always be people you will come across in your life that will doubt you and they should never steer you off the path of your successes.  Constantly set goals for yourself and as you achieve each obstacle, your confidence will take you far in life.  Also, stay close with your family, along with those who support your goals.

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How did you hear about Fight Chix, and what is your favorite Fight Chix item?
I saw the Fight Chix brand 2 years ago at BJJ Worlds and it stood out to me as the first MMA brand that focused on supporting female MMA athletes. The Fight Chix Miss RARA Burnout is definitely my favorite Fight Chix item since I’m Filipino!
Ronda Rousey is dominating MMA unlike anyone before her. She is drawing comparisons to Mike Tyson in his prime. Do you think she needs to move up in weight to fight Cyborg, or should Cyborg come to her at 135lbs?
Both Ronda and Cyborg unfortunately fight at their natural weight class.  So for either one to move up or down to meet each other for a title fight would be difficult.  Cyborg struggled to make 145 in most of her fights, I think fighting at 135 would truly put Ronda at an advantage since Cyborg would have to make such a drastic weight cut.  To be fair, not place a belt on the line, and to solve the grudge match syndrome that’s evolving daily, I’d like to see them fight at a 140 lb catch weight.  People are going to love seeing this fight happen regardless of a Championship Title being on the line.

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