Fight Chix is Empowering while on their Mission

Interview by Sammy Perez

Best Female Clothing Line!

If I mentioned Tapout, Affliction, RVCA and Silver Star, you would probably recognize these as renowned MMA clothing brands. If I asked, what do they have in common? You would probably say, “they are all finalists in the 2010 ‘Fighter’s Only’ World MMA Awards.” However, if I mention or ask about ‘Fight Chix’, would you think or say the same thing? Well you should because ‘Fight Chix’ is an MMA Lifestyle Clothing Brand that has been nominated among the four others previously mentioned and more importantly, they’re empowering while on their mission.

I recently interviewed Elisabeth Nuesser, Founder and CEO of Fight Chix (pictured above right w/Fight Chix spokesmodel Miss Rara). As we talked I realized that what I had imagined was actually true, Fight Chix is not just a clothing line. As a matter of fact, Elisabeth herself told me that over the last five years she’s come to realize “this is a lifestyle brand that is actually more than what we thought it was.”  Read the full interview here

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